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WordPress Troubleshooting Tips


If your WordPress site is "suddenly" doing something weird, it is most likely related to a new plugin or plugin update on your site.

We find that about 99% of WordPress issues are caused by plugin issues. Plugins may conflict with a theme, with WordPress itself, or most often, with another plugin.

Follow these steps to eliminate or rule out a plugin conflict issue:

  1. If you just installed and activated a new plugin right before the problem started, deactivate that plugin. If the problem is fixed, you know that plugin is the issue.
  2. If you have not recently installed any new plugins, a plugin or WordPress core update can result in new plugin problems. Deactivate ALL plugins on your site. If the problem is resolved, activate plugins one-by-one to find the problem plugin.

What to do when you identify the plugin causing the issue:

  1. Always contact the plugin developer first. They know their code best. They will be aware of any known issues. A quick Google search using the name of the plugin can usually find the plugin details and a way to contact the developer.
  2. IF the plugin developer identifies a conflict issue with your theme, then you should contact your theme designer. We are happy to help solve plugin conflicts AFTER the plugin designer identifies that it's a theme-plugin conflict.

What to do if a plugin isn't causing the issue:

  1. If you have deactivated ALL of your plugins and the problem persists, you can test whether the issue is a theme issue or a general WordPress issue.
  2. If the issue is with a feature specific to the theme, it is a theme issue. Contact the theme designer.
  3. If the issue is with a general WordPress problem, like "I can't upload pictures" or "I'm having problems saving my menus", you can test if it's a theme or general issue by changing themes. Change to one of the default WordPress themes like Twenty Sixteen. If you change themes and the problem persists, it is a general WordPress problem and NOT a theme issue. Contact your web host for help. Ask them especially if they have a recent backup of your site that can be restored.

Your theme designer isn't always the right person to contact when you have an issue with your site:

  • Since they don't have access to your web host servers, they generally cannot help with hosting issues.
  • As there are currently 50,000+ plugins available for WordPress, it isn't possible for your theme designer to provide support or have in depth knowledge of all these plugins. The plugin designer will know their code best and be aware of any known issues.

The goal of this tutorial is to walk you through a basic troubleshooting procedure for your WordPress site and help you identify who can truly help you with your site issues. Contacting the right people for help will help you resolve issues more quickly.

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