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Genesis Theme Settings | Bel Canto


This theme is built on the powerful Genesis framework. Genesis includes some Theme Settings for setting up your theme.


Step 1: Genesis Theme Settings

1. Go to Genesis > Theme Settings


2. Information

To receive Update notices for the Genesis Framework, enter the email address you used to purchase the Genesis framework into the Updates field and tick the checkbox to Check for updates.


3. Custom Feeds

If you use a custom RSS feed, enter it in this field.


4. Default Layout

This is where you can set your default sidebar/page layout.

This theme offers left sidebar, fullwidth and right sidebar layouts. Right sidebar is the default setting for this theme.

This layout can be overridden on a per page/per post basis.

Click on the image of the layout of your choice to choose it.


5. Navigation

For this theme, leave the Primary Navigation Extras setting set to "None".


6. Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are the little series of links at the top of a post or page showing the visitor "where they are" on the site, generally in relation to the Home Page or other main page.

Genesis offers the option to enable breadcrumbs on the homepage, posts, pages, archives, 404 pages and media pages.

Tick the checkbox next to the pages where you want the breadcrumbs to appear.


7. Comments and Trackbacks

Genesis allows you to hide/enable Comments for all posts and/or all pages.

You can also hide/enable Trackbacks for all pots and/or all pages.

* Want to know more about Trackbacks? See this article


8. Content Archives

  • Set Archives (category, tag, search, archive and author pages) to show Excerpts (only applies to Standard Layout on this theme)
  • Limit content to - set excerpt length
  • Featured image - for this theme, leave the Featured Image settings on the default settings. You can hide the Featured Image in the Standard Layout if that's your preference.
  • Entry Pagination - can be set to Numeric or Previous/Next


9. Blog Page Template

If you are using a single Lookbook page template, this section can be used to set which post Categories are shown or excluded on the Lookbook pages.

*If using multiple Lookbook pages, see the Lookbook Page Setup article.

Set the Posts per page for the Lookbook pages here.


10. Header and Footer Scripts

This provides an easy way to add scripts to your head/footer. Scripts like Google Analytics, etc. can be placed here. Copy and paste your code into the appropriate area.


11. Make sure to click Save Changes when done.


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