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Blog Page Layout Setup | Bel Canto


This theme offers a 18 different blog post layouts.

This article covers the Customizer setup options for your blog page post layout.

To set up the Blog Hero Header, see this article.

To set up the Blog Promo Boxes, see this article.

To add widgets to the blog page widget ares, see the Blog Page Widget Areas article.

*These settings apply whether you are using the blog page as your home page or if you're using a static home page and separate blog page.


Choose a Blog Layout

1. Go to Appearance > Customize to open the Customizer. 

2. Find the Blog Page Settings panel in the Customizer and click to open it.


3. The first section under this panel is the Blog Post Layout section. Click to open the options section.


4. Under Blog Post Layout, tick the bubble next to the layout option you would like to display on your blog page.


5. Columns - For the Grid Post Layout , 1 Full Post then Grid Layout, Masonry Layout, and 1 Full Post then Masonry Layout layouts you can choose between a 2 or 3 column layout under the Blogs Column Layout section.


6. Under Blog Sidebar Settings you can show or hide the sidebar on the blog page only.

*NOTE: If you are using a static home page and separate blog page and you set the Genesis page layout settings on the blog page to full width, this setting will not override that setting. To display a sidebar on the blog page, make sure the Genesis page settings are set to display the sidebar.


7. The final section, Read More Button Text Setting allows you to set the text on the "read more" buttons that appear if you use excerpts on your blog page or the List, Grid and Masonry layouts.

Just type your new text into the field. Example: continue reading


8. Click the Save & Publish button to publish your new layout.

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