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This theme has been enabled with a custom post field which you can add a custom code or script to like a Shop The Post widget from rewardStyle or ShopStyle Collective.

For more info on how to create the widgets, see our recent post on the Shop the Post widgets:


With the Custom Post Field, each post can have a different widget inserted beneath it.


To add content to the shop_the_post Custom Field:

Option 1: Embed code

1. Make sure you have the Custom Fields option turned on in Screen Options.

2. To do this, look for the small Screen Options tab at the top right corner of your Admin Screen. 


3. Click on the tab to open the panel.

4. Tick the box next to the Custom Fields option.


5. Close the panel by clicking on the tab again.

6. The Custom Fields section will now show below the post content composition area. If the section is closed, click the arrow on the right to expand it.


7. Some custom fields may already exist on your theme .You can ignore these. Scroll to the bottom of the section to the Add New Custom Field area.


8. The first time you use this field, you will need to click on the Add new link and type shop_the_post into the Name Field. For future posts, it will then exist in the drop down list.

HINT: The field names are listed alphabetically and by default only 30 show. If for some reason you can't find the shop_the_post option,  you can install a plugin like List More Custom Field Names which allows your site to show up to 200 custom field names in the drop down.


9. Once you've entered the shop_the_post field name, you can fill in your Field Value. If you are inserting a Shop The Post widget, just copy the embed code and paste it into the Field Value box.

10. Click the Add Custom Field button

11. Publish or Update to save the Custom Field Settings. 


Option 2: Embed Shortcode

1. To add content to the shop_the_post_shortcode Custom Post Field, follow the steps above but use the Field Name: shop_the_post_shortcode.

2. Copy and paste your shortcode into the Field Value box.


Some good plugins that you can use to create a carousel that use a shortcode include:

Shortcodes Ultimate -

Carousel Slider -

Carousel Ultimate -

Responsive WordPress Carousel -

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