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Category Index Setup | Bel Canto


The Category Index is a special, widgetized Page Template that allows you go create a grid style archive page with your categories listed in sections. You can even add useful search, archive and category widgets to the top of your Category Index to make it easier for your visitors to dig through your archives.

The Category Index template in this theme offers a variety of layout options:

  • 3 column grid
  • 4 column grid
  • Left sidebar
  • Right sidebar
  • No sidebar

Mix and match columns and sidebar options to create a different look for your site.

* Only 1 Category Index page per site available.



Step 1: Create a Category Index Page

1. Go to Pages > Add New

2. Add a Page Name to your page (it doesn't have to be Category Index)

3. Under Page Attributes > Template select wither the Category Index - 3 Columns or the Category Index 4 Columns template.

4. Scroll down to the Layout Settings and select your preferred layout (left sidebar, right sidebar or fullwidth).

5. Publish your new page.


Step 2: Top Widget Setup

1. To set up the Category, Archive and Search widgets, go to the Appearance > Widgets page.

2. Drag-and-drop the widgets into the Category Index Top widget area.

3. Assign titles to your widgets.

4. The Category and Archive widgets will appear best if set to display as dropdowns.

5. Click Save to save your widget settings.


Step 3: Featured Posts Widgets

1. To add the posts to the page, go to Appearance > Widgets

2. Drag-and-drop the Genesis - Featured Posts widget into the Category Index widget area. You can add a new widget for each Category you want to feature.

3. See the Genesis Widget Setup article if you need help setting up the Genesis - Featured Posts widget.

* Note: The best image setting for the Featured Posts widget on the Category Archive page is the square-entry-image setting.


Your Category Index is now live. You can add it to your menu like any other page.

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