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Manual Demo Import | Bel Canto


If you have an established blog with live posts and pages, this option of importing the demo content is for you.

Using the manual method, you will import the widget and Customizer settings. You will need to manually set up any of the custom pages like the static home page, lookbook, portfolio, etc.

NOTE: Make sure you have installed and activated all the Recommended plugins prior to importing the demo content.


Step 1: Install & Activate Plugins

1. Go to Plugins > Add New

2. Under Keyword: Search Plugins search for: Widget Importer

3. The first widget in the search results to appear should be the Widget Importer & Exporter by Steven Gliebe.

4. Click the Install Now button.

5. Once installing the plugin is complete, the button will read Activate. Click the button to activate the plugin.

6. Your screen will change to the Installed Plugins page. Go back to the Add New page by clicking the Add New button at the top of the page.

7. In the Keyword: Search Plugins search for: Customizer Export

8. The first plugin in the search results will be Customizer Export/Import by The Beaver Builder Team.

9. Click the Install Now button and then the Activate button to install and activate the plugin.


Step 2: Import Widget Settings

1. Go to Tools > Widget Importer & Exporter

2. Under Import Widgets, click the Browse button.

3. Inside your original download folder for the theme, you will find a folder called Demo Content.

Inside the folder is a folder for each demo labeled appropriately.


4. Inside the folder for the demo of your choice, choose the widgets#.wie file. i.e. if you chose 2 - The Beautiful, the file will be named widgets2.wie. Select the file to import.

5. Click the Import widgets button.

6. When the import is complete, the Import Results screen will appear. Each widget setting imported will show a status (successful, already exists, failed).

Failures generally occur when the correct plugin is not installed. Make sure all Recommended Plugins are installed.


Step 3: Import Customizer Settings

1. Go to Appearance > Customizer.


2. Under the Customizer panels, find the Export/Import panel. It is generally located at the very bottom.

3. Under the Import section, click the Browse button.

4. Inside the Demo Content folder in your original download folder, locate the cutomizer#.dat file inside the demo folder for the demo of your choice. i.e. customizer2.dat

5. Once you select your customizer settings file, click the Import button.

6. While the settings are uploading, you will see the Importing... status message.

7. When import is complete, the Customizer screen will refresh. Your Customizer settings will now be set to match the demo settings.

NOTE: You will need to set your menu.

Import Errors:

Some users may experience import errors. This is usually due to import file limits set by your web host.

Some errors:

I. Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in ...

  • This means your host has set a max time limit for a process at 30 seconds.
  • This is not very long when trying to import files that include images, etc.

To fix this error, you can:

1. Install and activate the following plugin: WP Maximum Execution Time Exceeded

   * Please make sure you follow the plugin Installation directions

2. Contact your web host and ask them to increase your Maximum execution time

3. Attempt to increase the Maximum execution time yourself - See this article

II. When doing the content or widget import, items fail to import

This is commonly caused by a plugin not being installed.

For example, if the item has "product" in the name, you don't have WooCommerce activated.

III. Customizer import errors

Most commonly caused by Max execution time or file limits set by your host.

An easy way to fix this is to uncheck the Download and import image files? box.


*If these steps fail, we recommend contacting your web host and asking them to check your site error logs. The MOST common cause of import errors is due to file import limitations and Max Execution time limits set by web hosts that prevent the files from uploading. Ask your host to increase your limits at least temporarily so you can upload the files.




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