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Home Page Setup (Widget Areas) | Bel Canto


The Bel Canto theme uses a "widgetized" page template for the static home page. This means you can create a very unique and personal layout using a variety of widgets in the widget areas.

* Make sure you have created a static home page first: see this article.

** If you are new to using widgets, see this Intro to Widgets video.

These directions include both video and written formats.


I. About the Home Page Widget Areas & Home Page Layout


Widget areas include: Home Page 1, Home Page 2, Home Page 3, Home Page 4, Home Page 5, Home Page 6

* Home Page 1 is a fullwidth widget area (where you would add the full width slider widget). 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 are boxed.

** Home Page 2 appears above the Promo Boxes. 3, 4, 5 & 6 are below the Promo Boxes.

All widget areas are Flexible widget areas. This means:

  • If you add 1 widget, it will be full width.
  • If you add 2 widgets, they will both be full width (this allows the 1st widget to act as a section title).
  • If you add 3 widgets, the 1st will be full width (section title). The 2nd and 3rd widgets will create 2 equal columns.
  • If you add 4 widgets, the 1st will be full width (section title). The 2nd, 3rd and 4th widgets will create 3 equal columns.
  • If you add 5 widgets, the 1st will be full width (section title). The 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th widgets will create 4 equal columns.

Visual Guide to Home Page widget areas, sliders and Promo Boxes



Step 1: Choose Home Page Template

When setting up your static home page, make sure you choose the Home Page page template under the Page Attributes > Template section.

To select a Home Page template

1. In the Page editor, open the Home page you created and assigned as your site's Front Page

2. Under the Page Attributes > Template section on the right, select the Home Page option from the drop down.


3. Click the Update button to save your choice.


III.: Adding Widgets

1. CTA widgets


2. Testimonial Widget


3. Featured Page Widget


4. Image Background with Overlay

5. Featured Posts Widget



* NOTE: If you do the demo import, One-Click or Manual Widgets Import, widgets from the demo will be setup for you and you will just need to customize to your taste.

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