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Footer Area Setup | Bel Canto


The footer area of the Bel Canto WordPress Genesis theme consists of:

1. A flexible 1-3 column widget area

2. A full width widget area


Flexible widget area

The flexible widget 1-3 column footer widget area is made up of the Footer 1, Footer 2 and Footer 3 widget areas.

This footer area is flexible because:

  • If you only add widgets to the Footer 1 widget area, the widget area will have 1 column
  • If you add widgets to both the Footer 1 and Footer 2 widget areas, the widget area will have 2 columns
  • If you add widgets to all 3 Footer widget areas, the widget area will have 3 columns


Full width widget area - "Widget Below Footer"

The full width widget area beneath will remain full width no matter how many widgets you add to this area. Each widget will span the full width of the area.

This area is located between the 3 column footer area and the copyright area.


Good widgets in this area include the Instagram widget and social icons widget.


Footer Copyright

You can use the following plugin to edit the footer copyright area:

NOTE: Make sure you abide by our license rules for replacing the footer credits. You man NOT claim credit for the theme design yourself. See more details here:

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