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Lookbook Setup | Bel Canto


The Bel Canto theme offers the option to set up an unlimited number of Lookbook style post archive pages.

The Lookbook uses posts from a category of your choosing to create a post grid.



Lookbook Setup

1. Create a new page by going to Pages > Add New

2. Give your page a title. It doesn't have to be "Lookbook".

3. Under Page Attributes > Template in the right hand column, select the Lookbook template option.

4. At the top right corner of the window, look for the Screen options tab and click on it.

5. Tick the box next to Custom Fields in the Screen Options. Click the Screen Options tab again to close it.

6. Scroll down to the bottom of the post editor page until you find the Custom Fields section.

7. Click the Enter new link under the Name box.

8. In the Name box, enter: query_args

9. Under the Value area, enter: cat=CategoryID

Example: My Category ID is "7", so I will enter: cat=7

* Hint: If you want a Lookbook that shows all your posts, skip the step of adding the Custom Field.

** Bonus Hint: If you want to show multiple categories, separate the Category IDs with a comma (,) but NO SPACE. Like cat=7,1

*** See this article to learn how to find your Category ID.

10. Choose your sidebar layout for the Lookbook under the Layout Settings just above the Custom Fields settings. I want a fullwidth Lookbook, so I will select the full width layout.

11. That's it, your Lookbook is ready to go. Make sure you click the Publish button at the top to finish creating your Lookbook.

Your Lookbook page is now live. You can create as many Lookbook pages using this method as you want. And you can add your Lookbook(s) to your menu like any other page.

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