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Portfolio Setup | Bel Canto


This theme comes with a simple Portfolio featured. This tutorial covers how to set up your Portfolio.

* This feature requires the Recommended Plugin, Genesis Portfolio Pro, to work. Make sure you have installed all Recommended plugins.


Step 1: Create a Portfolio Item

Before you create a portfolio page, you need to create portfolio items to populate it.

1. Go to Portfolio Items > Add New

2. Compose your Portfolio Item as you would a post or page.

3. A Portfolio Type, similar to a Category for posts, can be added to your Portfolio item.

4. Make sure you add a Featured Image for proper display on the Portfolio Archive.

5. Publish your portfolio item.


Step 2: Create your Portfolio Archive

1. To "create" your portfolio archive page, go to Appearance > Menus

2. Add a Custom Link to your menu.

3. Assign a Link Text (doesn't have to be Portfolio)

4. In the URL field, enter your site top URL/domain


5. Then add "/portfolio" at the end of your top domain.

6. Click the Add to Menu button. Then arrange the link in your menu and click the Save Menu button.

7. Your Portfolio link will now appear in your menu.

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