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The purpose of this article is to clarify the rationale behind our Support Policy.

We have spent considerable time refining our Support Policy in order to balance the needs of our customers vs. the needs of our business.

General Knowledge - An Analogy

We are a business like any other. I like to compare our theme shop to a car dealership.

When you go to a car dealership, you are expected to know how to drive a car and be properly licensed to drive the car. You do not expect the car salesman to teach you how to drive.

Our themes are similar to a car. You should know (or learn) the basics of using the basic blogging system on your own. Like a car dealer, who provides a manual that covers the SPECIFIC directions related to their model of vehicle, we provide documentation that covers the setup and use of our themes, not the entire system as a whole.

Basic Support - Analogy Continued

If there is an issue with a model of car that affects multiple users, a car dealer will issue a recall and fix or replace affected parts.

In a similar fashion, our business provides support for bugs and bug fixes for our themes.

Basic support covers support specific to included theme features (like a car manual would).

When you purchase our theme, your purchase price includes the theme code and all the work that went into it plus basic support which covers specific theme features and any theme specific bugs that may arise.

It does not cover someone else's code. Just like you would not expect a car dealer to fix an issue caused by a spoiler or stereo installed by someone else for free. We do not fix or support outside plugins for free. That is the plugin developer's code.

In the same thread, if you are using WordPress hosting via a web host, it is their job to fix any hosting related issues. That is their job. That is what you pay them for! Please don't be shy about contacting your web host if you have a hosting issue. There is little to nothing we can do to fix hosting issues as we don't have access to your system.


You would not expect to go to the dealer where you bought your car and have them paint your car for free. You would expect to pay for this service. Or to add a different stereo to your car.

In the same manner, we do not provide free customization services.

Our themes include many customization options. We are happy to provide support related to those options and their function.

However, we have spent considerable time creating and designing our themes. We prefer they be used as designed and intended. Therefore, we do not provide any free customization services. This includes troubleshooting code you or another party applied to one of our themes.

In Conclusion

We are happy to provide support for our themes related to their features and function.

We cannot support free customizations, support outside plugins or hosting issues or we would have to raise the prices of our themes to compensate for the time we would be spending on this work. To keep our theme prices low, we have limited the amount of customization help we provide. This is a business choice as we want to keep our product prices reasonable.

Our Policy has been crafted with much research and meets and/or exceeds the service offered by other theme shops within our field and industry.



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