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Category Grid Page


This theme comes with a custom page template that displays the blog categories in a grid style with an image background.

Step 1: Category Images

1. On the Dashboard, go to Posts > Categories.

2. Hover over the Category and click the Edit link.


3. In the Edit Category window, click the Upload/Add Image button.

4. Choose or upload an image to use for your Category. The design uses square images but will also crop the image to fit the space. Images should be at least 600px wide.

5. Click the Select button to set your image.


6. Click the Update button to save category changes.

7. Repeat for all categories.

* When creating a new category you will also see an option to Upload/Add image.

Step 2: Page Setup

1. Create a new page for your Category Grid Page. Give it a title. See more here.

2. Under the Page Attributes, select the Category Grid Page or Category Grid w/Sidebar Template from the dropdown list.


3. Publish or Update your page.

At this point, your page will be live. It will display all Categories with images in alphabetical order. If you want to choose the Categories to show and/or the order to show them in, complete Step 3 below.


Step 3: Category Page Settings

1. On the Dashboard, go to Appearance > Customize. The theme Customizer will open.

2. Find the Category Grid Page tab and click on it.


3. To choose the Categories to display and the order to diplay them in, enter the Category IDs (these are #s) into the Select Categories to Display by IDs field.

* Enter the IDs in a string separated by commans (,) but NO spaces. Like:


4. To find your Category IDs, see this article.

Categories will appear in the grid in the ordered entered.

5. Optional. Hide the Category overlay by ticking the box next to Hide Category Overlay.


6. Click the Save & Publish button to save changes.

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