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Install Recommended Plugins | WordPress, Prima Donna


The Prima Donna theme uses several Recommended Plugins to increase the features offered in the theme. These are all optional (but required by some features) and include:

  • Lightweight Social Icons - Social icons for top bar, sidebar and footer area
  • WP Instagram widget - Instagram for sidebar and footer
  • Contact Form 7 - contact form page
  • Regenerate Thumbnails - create correct size images for theme
  • Smart Slider 3 - great, free slider plugin; use in sidebars or in posts or pages
  • Access Press Social Icons - upload your own custom social icons for top bar, sidebar and footer
  • Genesis Portfolio Pro - helps create the included theme portfolio
  • Genesis Responsive Slider - simple slider that can use posts or pages
  • Genesis eNews Extended - newsletter subscription widget
  • One Click Demo Import - demo content importer
  • Image Widget - basic image widget
  • Admin ZenDesk Help Widget - in Dashboard documentation access and submit help tickets

We recommend to start off that you install & activate all plugins via the Recommended Plugins script. Unneeded plugins can easily be deactivated and deleted later.

IMPORTANT!! If you don't use the Admin ZenDesk Help widget, make sure you deactivate it. If it is active and not set up properly, it may cause admin panel issues!


Step 1: Install & Activate Plugins

1. Immediately after you activate the Prima Donna theme, the following notice will appear at the top of your Dashboard:

2. Click the Begin installing plugins link.

3. The Install Required Plugins page will open.

4. To select all the plugins to install, tick the checkbox at the top of the column next to where it says "Plugins".

5. From the Bulk Actions drop down menu, select Install. Then click the Apply button.

6. As the plugins install, the page will update with the install status of each. Wait until all plugins have finished installing and you receive the completion message.


This theme automatically installs and activates the plugins at the same time so your Recommended Plugins are now all installed and ready to go.


Next Step > Activate In-Dashboard Help Plugin




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