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Customize Buttons | Prima Donna


This theme includes some custom button settings like the ability to easily upload your own custom button backgrounds.

This article describes how to customize your buttons by uploading a custom image background or applying standard button styles as an alternative.


1. Go to Appearance > Customize

2. Click on the Button Styles tab to open the settings panel.

3. The Buttons Styles panel has 4 settings panels.

  • Custom Button Settings
  • Button Size Settings
  • Standard Button Settings
  • Button Fonts

4. To upload a custom button background, click on the Custom Button Settings tab.

5. This theme uses 2 button size:

Small button background - upload button background for the slider and read more buttons. Default size is 47px tall by 170px tall.

Large button background - upload button background for the newsletter sidebar widget. Default size is 67px tall by 240px wide.

6. Click the Select image to choose a background image from your computer or Media Library.

You can remove the image button background by clicking on the Remove button.

7. To adjust button size (affects custom buttons and standard buttons), click on the Button Size Settings tab to open the settings panel.

8. You can adjust the height and width of both the small and large buttons.

9. Standard Button Settings - To use standard (colored background) style buttons, click on the Standard Button Settings tab to open the settings.

10. Simply by setting the colors for the background color, hover background color, text color and text hover color, the image background will be disabled and the standard buttons styles will appear.

11. Button fonts - Click on the Button Fonts panel to set the font family, font weight, letter spacing  and text transform of the buttons.

12. Click on the Save & Publish button to save your settings.

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