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Support Policy


We’ve worked hard to make our themes and templates easy to use.

Our Help Center exists to help you get the most out of your new design so you can launch your site in no time. We want to make that happen, that’s why we’re here to talk to you like a friend, and get back to you in a timely manner.

That being said, our Support Policy is in place to clearly outline what is and is not covered. We are not required to offer this level of support. We choose to do so because we know how nice it is to have a friendly voice on the other end when you’re having trouble getting the ball rolling.

A Quick Overview:

Before Submitting a Ticket: Support Does Include: Support Does Not Include
  • Disable or remove all plugins or 3rd Party gadgets and code.
  • Read the Documentation for your theme/template.
  • Use the Help Center search function.
  • Never underestimate the power of a good Google search.
  • Answering questions about the theme/template & it's features
  • Fixing bugs or code errors
  • Updates related to WordPress & Blogger changes as they affect our themes
  • Free WordPress 101 and Blogger 101 tutorials
  • Customizations
  • 3rd Party Plugins or gadgets
  • General WordPress or Blogger questions
  • Creating layouts/elements that are not present on the demo site.
  • Issues arising from modification of the theme or templates code, styling or functionality

Support Terms


We put a large amount of work into designing and coding our themes and template. We would, therefore, appreciate that the design features and functionality of our themes and templates be used as intended, rather than being modified into something that looks / works differently.


  • We provide DIY tutorials for some common questions. See the Advanced tutorials sections on the Help Center for these articles.
  • Our themes and templates provide many customization options built into the design. Please explore these options fully before submitting a ticket.

Beyond these, unfortunately, customization services are not covered by our support policy.


  • Changing the styling or functionality of the theme.
  • Creating layouts/elements that are not present on the demo site.
  • We cannot provide support for any issues that arise from modifications made by you or a 3rd Party to the theme’s code, styling or functionality.

We are not currently accepting custom work.

We have gathered a list of designers that we recommend for both Blogger and WordPress. Find the list on our Custom Design page. Contact a designer for a quote. They offer help with everything from basic setup to minor customizations all the way up to full custom packages.

II. Third Party plugins & Widgets

  • We are not able to provide support for any conflicts or issues that may arise from installing non-inclusive third-party plugins, widgets or code – this should be taken up with the author of the plugin or widget.

III. Updates

  • Blogger Updates - If you purchased via Creative Market or Our Shop, you will receive an email when the template is updated. For our shop, the update email will contain a download link. For Creative Market, you can download the new version from your CM Purchase tab. For Etsy, you will need to sign up for our updates list. We will send you an email with a download link for the update.
  • WordPress Updates - We use an automatic update notice system. You will receive a notice on your WordPress Dashboard > Themes page when the theme needs updating and will be able to download the update with the click of a button.

IV. General WordPress/Blogger & Hosting Support

  • We cannot offer help for general Blogger or WordPress issues / questions relating to the installation, customization or administration of the Blogger or WordPress platform.
  • For help with any of these, the support forums on the website or the Blogger Help Forum is a good place to start. Never underestimate the power of a Google search, either.
  • We also cannot provide any support for hosting or server relating problems – you will need to contact your hosting provider and raise the issue with them.

We do provide a variety of helpful written and video WordPress 101 and Blogger 101 tutorials here on our Help Center. We highly recommend checking those out:

WordPress 101 (must Sign In to Help Center)

Blogger 101

Here are some examples of what Support does and does not cover:


  • Theme installation questions & setup problems.
  • Issues arising from using any of the packaged theme features.
  • Theme bug fixes, which cover everything required to ensure that all theme features are working as advertised and as shown in demo site. 
  • Tutorials for common questions.


  • We will not install the theme/template for you. We highly encourage you to learn to setup your theme. This helps you learn your blogging system and how to manage your site. Contact one of our Recommended Designers if you still want help setting up a theme or template.
  • We are not able to provide general Blogger or WordPress support beyond the help articles we have created.
  • We do no fix issues arising from widgets and plugins except issues related directly to our theme or template code. Contact the plugin designer for plugin issues.
  • Customization queries**
  • Fixing changes made by you directly to the theme or template code that cause any issue or errors with the theme or template. If you change the code (beyond our advanced tutorials) this basically voids your Support for that part of the design.
  • Issues relating to hosting or servers.

** Customization queries are requests for help to change the style, layout, code, template, or theme, especially those that require altering the theme or template code directly. This includes any changes that would alter the display or features of the template. Contact one of our Recommended Designers for a quote for custom work.

How do you provide support?

We provide theme support for verified customers via Support Ticket

We DO NOT provide support via contact form, email, Facebook, or Twitter nor do we offer phone support. 

If you purchased your template via our Etsy or Creative Market shop and contact us via those messaging systems, you will be directed to submit a Support Ticket via our Help Desk.

What are your support hours

Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm US Mountain Standard Timezone (GMT-7 hours timezone).

We understand your blog or website is your baby and important to you. We make every effort to reply to all help requests ASAP. 

However, we generally only work very limited hours on the weekends. 

Please be aware of possible time differences. During business hours, we generally reply to any support queries in the order they are received within 12 hours. Outside of business hours and on the weekends, we strive to reply within 12 – 36 hours.

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