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We use the term Landing Page to describe a specialized page template that can be used to create a Static Home page.

To learn how to create a static home page and separate blog page, see this WordPress 101 tutorial.


Landing Page Options

This theme offers 4 landing page options:

  • Landing Page 1 - set page layout with Featured Post slider, Promo boxes, and the Above and Below Promo Boxes widget areas
  • Landing Page 1 w/ Sidebar - same as Landing Page 1 but with a sidebar next to the content area. The Landing page has it's own sidebar separate from the blog (Landing Page Sidebar)
  • Landing Page 2 - a widgetized page with a 2/3 Left widget area, 1/3 Right widget area, Promo Boxes and a Above and Below Promo Boxed widget areas.
  • Landing Page 2 w/Sidebar - same as Landing Page 2 but with a sidebar next to the content area. Sidebar used is the Landing Page Sidebar

Landing Page Examples

Example of Landing Page 1:


Example of Landing Page 2:


Landing Page Template Setup

1. Once you have created your static home page, under Page Attributes > Templates choose on of the following page templates from the drop down menu.:

  • Landing Page 1
  • Landing Page 1 w/ Sidebar
  • Landing Page 2
  • Landing Page 2 w/Sidebar

2. You can add content in the page editor. This will appear in the bottom portion of the page below the slider and widget areas.

3. You can now Publish your page. All other settings are handled in the Customizer and Widgets areas.


To Create a Landing Page (Landing Page 1)


Slider and Promo Box Settings

1. Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize.

2. Select the Landing Page Settings to access the Landing Page options.

3. Under Featured Slider Style you may choose no slider, boxed slider, full width slider or carousel style slider. You can choose a different slider style than you intend to use on your blog page and different settings for the Landing Page Slider.

*For more info on the Featured Slider Settings, see the Featured Area Slider directions. Setup and options are essentially the same for the Landing Page Featured Area Slider.

4. Below the Featured Area Slider section is the Promo Box Settings for the Landing Page. Setup is the same as for the Promo Box section on the blog page.

* See the Promo Box Setup directions to learn how to setup up the Promo Boxes.

5. If you would like to only use the slider and/or promo boxes on your landing page, leave the content area of your page empty.

6. To hide the page title, add the following code to your "Custom CSS" section in the Customizer.

.page-template-page-landing-page .post-header h1 {display: none;}

7. To add widgets to the widget areas:

Go to Appearance > Widgets. Drag and drop widgets into the following widget areas:

- Landing Page - Above Promo Boxes

- Landing Page - Below Promo Boxes

If you selected the Landing Page template "w/ Sidebar" you can also add widgets to the Landing Page Sidebar.

For more general info about widgets, see our WordPress 101 tutorial: Widgets in WordPress

For setup directions for the Theme Widgets, see this tutorial: Sidebars & Widgets


To Create a Landing Page (Landing Page 2)

The Landing Page 2 and Landing Page 2 w/ Sidebar pages are fully widgetized pages except for the Promo Boxes.

1. Setup the Promo Boxes as indicated in the previous section for the Landing page under Landing Page Settings

2.To set up the other areas of the Landing Page 2:

Go to Appearance > Widgets

The following widget areas are available on the Landing Page 2:

- Landing Page 2 - Left (2/3 width)

- Landing Page 2 - Right (1/3 width)

- Landing Page - Above Promo Boxes

- Landing Page - Below Promo Boxes

- Landing Page Sidebar (for w/ Sidebar page template)

Drag and drop your widgets into these widget areas.

NOTE: The heights of the Landing Page 2 Left and Right widget areas are flexible. If you use a slider or image in the left widget area, you can adjust the slider/image settings to match the height of the right sidebar area.

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