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Adding a newsletter sign-up form | Maryanne


NOTE: These directions are for theme versions prior to Version 1.3.2. Check your theme version before proceeding. (We highly recommend updating to the latest version and using the Updated directions).

The Maryanne theme comes with styles for the newsletter signup widget plugin Newsletter Sign-up.

This plugin is one of Recommended Plugins that you can easily install after theme installation. Make sure you have installed and activated the plugin.

With this plugin, you can easily add a Newsletter subscription form to any of your sidebars (or even in a couple places like on our demo). Newsletter Sign-up supports MailChimp, YMLP, iContact, AWeber and other advanced setup options.

Before installing your newsletter subscription widget, make sure you have signed up for an account at the site you are going to use for your newsletter. Our help article will cover setting up MailChimp as this is the most popular service.

NOTE: This plugin accommodates a single name field and email field. When setting up your List settings choose a single name field and email field for your signup forms.


1. Signup for a MailChimp account and create a List for your newsletter. Stay logged into your MailChimp account.

2. In your WordPress Dashboard find the Newsl. Sign-Up section. Click on List Settings.

3. From the Select your mailinglist provider drop down, choose MailChimp.

4. The page will relaoad with some new settings. Tick the checkbox next to Use MailChimp API

5. To easily find your MailChimp API key, click on the question mark link next to the box. A new web window will open with your MailChimp account in the API key section. You will need to create a new API key if you don't already have one. Copy and paste your API key into the field provided on your WordPress dashboard.

6. To easily find your MailChimp List ID, click on the question mark link next to the box. Follow the steps in the window that opens. Copy and paste your List ID into the field.

7. Next to the Subscribe with name? option, tick the checkbox.

8. In the Name identifier field, enter the name of the name identifier for your mailing list provider. MailChimp generally uses FNAME for first name field.

9. Click Save Changes.

You can now add your Newsletter Sign-Up widget to any of the widget areas in the theme.


You can also add a Sign me up for the newsletter check box to the Comments forms and/or Registration forms on your site.

1. Click on the Checkbox Settings tab at the top Newsletter Sign-up Settings page.

2. You can choose the text to show after the sign up checkbox on your forms. Enter your text in the Text to show after the checkbox field.

3. Choose if your want to redirect new subscribers to a specific web page after they sign up for your newsletter. Enter this URL in the Redirect to this url after signing up field.

4. Choose whether you want to Pre-check the check box.

5. In the Where to show the sign-up checkbox? selection area, choose where you would like the check box to appear.

6. You can also choose to Hide the checkbox for users who used it to subscribe before?

7. Once you have chosen your options, click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.


Use this section to customize the appearance of your subscription form widget.

1. Navigate to the Newsl. Sign-up settings page and click on the Form Settings tab at the top.

2. You can choose your own wording/text for the Email and Name Labels as well as the default values that appear in the form boxes.

3. You can also customize the button text and message displayed after sign up occurs.


If you are having trouble figuring out how to configure the plugin for your particular newsletter service, copy and paste your form embed code into this section and the tool will help you find the correct settings.
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