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Menu setup (Old)


NOTE: This tutorial applies to templates purchased before November 1, 2017.

How do I set up my navigation menu?

Watch the video tutorial or see the Step-by-Step written directions below.

Please note we do not use a "Pages" widget to create our menus.

We instead use a "Link List" widget that allows us to create our drop down menus.

If your old template used a "Pages" widget, just go to the Layout page and remove it.

HINT: How to find a page or post link

  1. Go to the "Pages" or "Posts" page in your dashboard. Click the "View" link under the page or post name.
  2. Copy and paste the page link from the web browser address bar.
  3. This can be done with any web page. Just copy and paste the web address while viewing the page.
  4. For "Category" or "Label" pages, just click the label from inside a post or in the sidebar widget. Copy and paste the web link from the top of your browser.


STEP 1: Set up top menu links

  1. Go to the Layout page on your Blogger Dashboard. Click on the Edit link at the right side of the Main Menu gadget box.
  2. The Configure Link List window will open.
  3. There is space for an optional Title (this will not appear on your blog).
  4. Leave the Number of items to show in a list field empty.
  5. Leave the Sorting field on Don’t Sort
  6. In the New Site Name field, enter the display name for your first menu bar link. Example: Home for your homepage.
  7. In the New Site URL field, enter the full web address for that the link will take the reader to (include the “http://”). The easiest way to do this is to visit the page in another browser window and then copy the address from the top of the browser then paste into the New Site URL box.
  8. Click the gray Add Link button to add your link.
  9. Here is an example of how to add a menu link:
  10. To add another link, enter the name of the next menu link into the New Site Name box and the page link URL. Click Add Link.
  11. Continue adding links until you have added them all.
STEP 2: Add a drop down menu link
  1. Add a link as described above EXCEPT in front of the New Site Name that you enter, add an underscore “_”.
  2. This underscore will not display on the front end of your blog. It just signals to the template to display this link in the drop down menu.
  3. Enter your page URL and click the Add Link button to add the drop down link to your menu.
  4. For the top level (parent) link, use enter # in the URL field.
  5. To place the drop down under the correct top menu link, make sure it appears UNDER the top link in the link order at the bottom of the Configure Link List list.


STEP 3: Reorder your menu links
  1. Once you add a menu link to your menu in the Configure Link List window, they will appear in a list at the bottom of the window.
  2. Links appear in the list in the order they will appear (left to right) on your menu. i.e. the link at the top will be the first link on the left.
  3. To change the order of the links, click on the up or down arrow next to the link you wish to move.
  4. Make sure any drop down links are listed below their parent link.


STEP 4: Save your Menu settings

Don’t forget to click the orange Save button to save your menu settings.


Blogger Nav Bar gadget

NOTE: Make sure you hide the Blogger Nav Bar widget or it will break the responsive layout of the template.

  1. Go to the Layout page on the Blogger Dashboard.
  2. Find the Nav Bar widget. It may be in the Header area, under the Blog Posts box or in one of the other sidebars.
  3. Left-click on the Edit link on the right-hand side of the box.
  4. The Navbar Configuration window will open. It is generally set to the Silver style option by default.
  5. Select the radio button next to the Off option.
  6. Click the orange Save button to save your changes.


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