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Translate your Blogger Template


Can I translate my Blogger Template?

Blogger will display your blog posts in your native language of choice but some elements of your Blogger Template may be hard-coded and need to be manually “translated”.

Blogger templates by Georgia Lou Studios contain a few hard coded pieces of text that will remain in English unless you choose to manually edit them. Luckily, the process is simple and fairly quick to do.

Open HTML Editor

  1. Navigate to the Theme page on the Blogger Dashboard.
  2. Click on the gray Edit HTML button to open the HTML editor screen.
  3. It helps to have your blog open in another window or tab so you can see what pieces of text you need to search for. Some templates may have slightly different variations for the hard-coded text.
  4. Left-click anywhere in the code window. Press the [Cntrl] + [F] keys (Command + F on Mac) to open the Search box.
  5. From the template, type in the piece of text you plan to translate. Example: Translate the “Share” label next to the post share icons. Type Share: into the Search box and press the [Enter] key.
  6. You may find multiple instances of the search term. DO NOT change them all. The hard-coded text will be shown in BLACK in the editor. In the case of the “Share:” text, when I include the “:” in the search term it finds a single case of this text so I know this is the one to edit. It is also shown in BLACK.
  7. More specific search terms and entire phrases to be translated will lead to more exact search results and make the chance of breaking the code smaller.
  8. Backspace or highlight and press the [delete] key to remove the text to translate. Type in your translated text. Make sure you only replace the word and do not remove any <, >, ‘ or “.
  9. Enter your next search term into the Search box. Example, “Leave a comment”. Hit the [Enter] key. Again, because I was specific, I find only one instance of this text and can replace it with no problem.
  10. Once you have searched for and replaced all the pieces of text that you need to translate, click the gray Preview theme button at the top of the code editor screen to make sure that your changes have been successful.
  11. If everything looks OK, click the orange Save theme button at the top of the code editor screen.
  12. If on preview, everything looks strange on your template, click the gray Revert changes button at the top of the code editor and try again.


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