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Featured Area Slider | Heyden


Georgia Lou Studios WordPress themes featured area slider is a large area toward the top of the homepage where you can feature eye-catching images linking to your posts.


The Heyden theme includes 3 slider layouts to choose from:

  1. Boxed width slider
  2. Full width slider
  3. Carousel slider


There are a few steps to ensure your slider works perfectly:

1.  Ensure your posts have featured images assigned. This is the image that the slider will pull in to represent your post.

For more information, check out this WordPress 101 tutorial: Add a Featured Image in WordPress

2. To have your slide images display in their best quality, please ensure that the source images are the least the following pixel dimensions wide and tall:

  1. Boxed Slider - 1080px in width and 530px in height
  2. Full width slider - 1400px in width and 530px in height
  3. Carousel slider - 890px in width and 685px in height


Enable Slider

1. The default setting for the Featured Slider is None.

2. To activate the slider, navigate to Appearance > Customize > Featured Area Settings

3. Within the "Featured Slider Style" section, select the radio button next to the slider style of your choice. Be sure to save. This will enable your slider on your blog page.


Choose Slider Posts

Within Appearance > Customize > Featured Area Settings, you have 3 options for choosing which posts appear in your featured area slider.

1. All latest posts: By default, the slider will display all of your latest posts.

2. Posts from specific category: From the drop-down menu titled "Select Featured Category", you can also choose a particular post category to display in your slider.

3. Specific posts/pages: In the box beneath the title "Select featured post/page IDs", you can determine exact posts and/or pages to display in the slider. To learn how to identify a post or page's ID, check out: How to determine a post, page, or category ID

4. In the slider settings section, you can additionally assign the number of slides to display. The slides displayed will be for the most recent posts within your selected posts to display.

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