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Setting Up the Footer Area | Heyden


The footer area is the lower portion of the theme that will appear on all pages of your site. It includes:

  • Instagram footer widget area - a full width widget area for Instagram and even a MailChimp widget
  • Social icon area
  • Copyright text area



Setup Instagram Footer Area

The footer has a widget area titled "Instagram Footer" where you can add in a widget to display your Instagram images in a full-width slider.

1. The widget is simply called "Instagram" and is made available after installing & activating the plugin called WP Instagram Widget.

2. To add the Instagram widget, navigate to Appearance > Widgets.

3. On the right, you'll see the theme's different widget areas. One of which is the widget area titled "Instagram Footer".

4. Drag the "Instagram" widget from the left of this screen into the "Instagram Footer" widget area.

5. To edit the widget settings, click on the widget heading once it's been placed in a widget area. A drop-down area will appear.

6. To have your Instagram footer display like the theme's demo site's, set the "Number of photos" option to be "8".


Footer Social Icons

The footer's social icon area is directly connected with the theme's top-bar social icon area.

1. To choose which social icons you'd like to appear, enter your username for each social network platform within Appearance > Customize > Social Media Settings.

2. For more information, please reference the tutorial titled Social Icons (Top Bar & Footer).


Copyright Text Area

At the very bottom of the theme is a bar which features a text area to include copyright or disclaimer text.

You are not required to include a copyright or disclaimer statement. In fact, you can type whatever you'd like in this area!

To edit the text in this Copyright Text area, look within Appearance > Customize > Footer Settings.

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