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Social Icons (Top Bar & Footer) | Sophie


This theme comes with built in social media icons in the top bar and footer. You can choose from 16 included social icons.

To add a new icons to your theme, see this tutorial: How do I add new social media icons?


Setup Top bar & Footer Icons

1. Go to Appearance > Customize > Social Media Settings.

Here, you will see a list of social networks followed by a text input box. If you'd like to have a social icon for a particular social network, you can type in your username for that particular network.

Several fields require your full social URL: Linkedin & the Shop link.

2. Once you enter your username into a particular social network's text box, its icon will appear in your top-bar & footer social icon areas. If you leave a social network's box blank, the social icon will not appear in the top-bar or footer areas.

3. Click the Save & Publish button to save your settings.

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