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Blog Layout Settings | Sophie


Your homepage is the first page visitors will see when they arrive at your website. By default, the homepage will be the page that also displays all of your posts, beginning with the most recent. We call this feature the "post feed".

The settings in this tutorial determine the layout of your blog posts in the post feed, whether you use a blog home page or a separate blog page.


To find out how to create a static home page and separate blog page, see this WordPress 101 tutorial.


Blog Page Layout Settings

1. To customize how your homepage looks, including its layout, colors, enabling/disabling the sidebar, etc., navigate to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Customize.

2. Click on the General Settings tab to open the settings panel.

3. Under the Homepage Layout section, tick the bubble next to the layout of your choice (standard, grid, list, etc.).

4. Click the Save & Publish button when done.


Blog Page Sidebar Setting

You can choose to remove the sidebar just on the home page/blog feed page.

1. Go to Appearance > Customize

2. Click on the General Settings tab.

3. Under the Disable Sidebars section, tick the box next to Disable Sidebar on Homepage

4. Click the Save & Publish button

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