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Menu Setup


How do I setup my navigation menu?

  1.  Edit your Menu from the Layout configuration page. Click on the Edit link at the bottom right hand corner of the Navigation Menu box. The Configure Page Listwindow will open.
  2. There is space for an optional Title (this will not appear on your blog).
  3. All your blog pages will show up in the Pages to Show list. Click on the box next to each page you want to add to the menu. A check mark will appear next to the pages you choose.
  4. You can also add links to external webpages using the +Add external link link. Click on this link and a New Page > Web Address dialog box will open. Type in the Page Title (what you want on your menu) and the page’s URL (website address). Click the Save link button to add the link to your menu.
  5. Under the List Order section, you can drag and drop your pages to move them into the order you want them to show on your menu.
  6. Click the orange Save button to save your new menu settings.


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