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Add "Read More" Buttons | Jolie


For this theme, there are a couple ways to add the "Read More" buttons to the home page/blog feed page of your site.

By default, if your Blog Layout is set to the Full Post (Standard) option, your full blog posts will display.

The Grid Layout, List Layout and Masonry Layout options do not display a "Read More" button.


There are 2 ways to add the "Read More" buttons to the Full Post Layout:

1. Automatic Excerpts

1. Go to Appearance > Customize

2. Click on the General Settings tab.

3. Under the Homepage/Archive Summary Type section, tick the bubble next to Use Excerpt

4. This will automatically add the "Read More" buttons on the home page/blog feed.

5. Click the Save & Publish button when done.


2. Manual Read More Links

1. If you would like more control over the length of your post excerpts, you can add manual read more links. This is done on a per post basis.

2. In Appearance > Customize, under General Settings make sure the Homepage/Archive Summary Type option is set to Use Read More Tag

3. In the Post Editor, in the content of your post, place your cursor where you want the "Read More" button to appear.

4. In the Post Editor toolbar, click the Insert Read More tag button.

5. A dashed line with the text "MORE" will appear when your Read More link has been inserted.

6. Click Publish or Update to save your changes to your post.

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