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WordPress themes by Georgia Lou Studios have the possibility to create 4 different types of posts: standard, gallery, video, and audio.


To learn more about creating and formatting posts, see our WordPress 101 video + tutorial section: Posts


NOTE: In order to activate these post options, you'll first want to ensure you've installed & activated the required Vafpress Post Formats UI plugin (see the section above - Install Recommended Plugins.)

To create a post, go to WordPress Dashboard > Posts > Add New.

Above your content box & toolbar, you'll see a series of tabs titled Standard, Gallery, Video, and Audio. Select whichever tab you'd like your post format to be in. Each tab will give you different input boxes depending on the content you'd like to add.

Standard Post

A standard post is the default post type.
You can add text and images to your post using the tools and content box.


Gallery Post

A gallery post allows you to create a slideshow-type gallery at the top of your post.

1. After clicking the "Gallery" tab to choose this post format option, click the "Pick Images" button within the "Gallery Images" box that has appeared.

2/ Select whatever images you'd like from your WordPress Media Library or upload new images to add.


Video Post

A video post displays a video at the top of your post.

You can share videos from nearly all video hosting sites, such as Vimeo or Youtube.

1. Simply copy & paste the video's URL, oembed code, or embed code into the special input box.

2. When you preview or publish your post, the video will appear.


Audio Post

An audio post allows you to share a music or audio track and displays it at the top of the post.

1. Like the video post, simply copy & paste the track's URL, oembed code, or embed code into the special audio input box.

2. When you preview or publish the post, the track will appear.


Once you've determined your desired post format, entered your title, and added your content, remember to assign at least 1 category to your post. Additionally, also ensure you assign a featured image to the post.

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