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Help! The MailChimp Popup isn’t Working!


So, you tried to add the MailChimp popup embed and it’s causing issues?

We can help.

Sometimes, not always, the MailChimp popup code causes issues with Blogger templates. It even causes issues with the Blogger default templates like the “beautiful” default orange template that gets assigned as the template for every brand new blog.

While the popup may work ok on the template, it can sometimes cause formatting issues. On The Orange template, it causes a giant dark orange block to appear over the pale orange background about halfway down the page. And the content is shifted about 50-100px to the right, leaving it noticeably off-center.

Our templates are based on the Blogger default templates because their code should be the best, right?

Well sometimes what are called “Third Party” gadgets or plugins don’t always play so nice. This is the case with the MailChimp popup sometimes.

Inf fact, it is notorious for not working or causing issues on WordPress sites, requiring a plugin to use or hacking the WordPress core files which WordPress does not recommend. There are tons of MailChimp plugins for WordPress to make the popup play nice with WordPress and that tells me there is something not okay about MailChimp’s popup code.

Don’t despair – you can still use MailChimpand popups to collect newsletter signups for your Blogger site!

Here’s how:

Like with WordPress, we recommend using a “plugin” that acts as a go between for Blogger and MailChimp.

And we’ve found 4 that are:

  1. Free (most important – right?)
  2. Easy to use
  3. Customizable so it matches your site

Here are our suggestions:

  2. (make sure you select the “Captures” option to setup a popup)
  3. – Our personal favorite, so easy to setup and use
  4. – Not our favorite but an ok option. Beware it can slow down your site which is not good for Google

So, there you have it. These are an easy to setup (but you can shoot us a Help Ticket if you need any support to get rolling), free and customizable way to hook your MailChimp newsletter to your Blogger site if you have any problems with the regular MailChimp Popup.

Heather @ Georgia Lou Studios


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