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Edit Shop Social Media Icon


By default, the Shopping cart social media icon on our templates uses the “trigger” keyword of shop or Store to display the shopping cart icon in the social media widget. This means, your URL (Web link) must have the word “shop” or "Store" somewhere in the link for the icon to show properly. We’ve had a few requests to use a different keyword and this tutorial will explain how to edit your template to do that.

1. Log in to your Blogger Dashboard.

2. Go to the Theme page.

3. Click on the Edit HTML button. The code window will open.

4. Click any where in the code window then press the [Control + F] keys (or Command + F on a Mac) – a small search box will open in the upper right corner of the code area.

5. Search for shop. Once you add the search term in the box press [Enter] 2 times. You should find a large section of code that looks like this:

6. You are looking for the lines with “shop”in them.

7. The only thing you’re going to edit on this line is the shop between the ” “. DON’T edit the ” ” – you might turn them into curly quotes which can mess up the whole code.

8. Just replace shop with Store (or your selected phrase from your shop link) – make sure you capitalize as the code is case specific and TPT uses Store in their links – or with whatever other phrase you want from your URL.

9. Repeat the process 2 more times for each instance that has shop in it. 3 times total

9. Once you replace the shop with Store, click the orange Save Theme button at the top of the page.

That’s it. Refresh your view of your blog and the icon should now appear.


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