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Activate Twitter Cards on Your Blog


This tutorial applies to any of the templates that have a slider. Our classic style templates (Addison Smith and Aurora) do not contain this option.

*NOTE: Make sure you have a Description assigned to your blog in the Settings > Basic panel of Blogger.

Step 1: Edit Template code

  1. Login to your Blogger account and navigate to Dashboard > Theme
  2. Click on the gray Edit HTML button. The template code editor window will open.
  3. Near the beginning of the code you will find a section of code that looks like this:
  4. Edit Site info: Find the line of code that says this: <meta content=’@mytwitterhandle’ name=’twitter:site’/>
    1. Change mytwitterhandle to your Twitter name.
  5. Edit Creator info: You can specify a separate creator Twitter id. Find the line of code that says this: <meta content=’@mytwitterhandle’ name=’twitter:creator’/>
    1. Change mytwitterhandle to the Twitter name of your choice.
  6. These can both be the same handle.
  7. Click the orange Save theme button at the top.


Step 2: Verify your Twitter cards

  1. Sign into your Twitter account.
  2. Go to the Twitter Card Validator page:
  3. Under Card URL enter a web address for one of your single post pages
  4. Click the Preview card button.
  5. You will see a preview of your share card with large image and should receive a success message that your blog has been whitelisted for twitter cards

That’s it!



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