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Install Blogger Template | Marissa


This tutorial will walk you through installing your new Blogger template!

There are 2 methods:

1. For new blogs without any content we provide demo data to get you started.

2. For established blogs skip to STEP 2 and don't install the demo data.


Step 1: Install Demo Data

1. In your Blogger Dashboard, go to the Settings > Other page

2. Click on the Import Content button.

3. In the Import Content window, select the demo.content.xml file found in the demo-content folder in the master template file.

4. Once you select the file, the demo content will be imported including posts, some widget settings and pages. After you install the template, you will still need to setup your your menu, social icons, slider and other settings.


Step 2: Install Template

1. On your Blogger Dashboard, go to the Template page

2. Click the Backup/Restore button

3. Under Upload a template from a file on your hard drive, choose the template file, Marissa.xml from your master template folder on your computer.

4. Click the orange Upload button.

5. You will see a brief message flash on the screen that says Uploaded successfully.

6. Your blog preview window will now show a view with the Marissa template installed.


Your new template is now installed!


Continue the setup process by clicking on the next tutorial listed in the left sidebar above: Mobile Site Settings.


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