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Social Icons Widgets | Marissa


This template is equipped with 3 social media icon widgets. The widgets are located in the top bar, sidebar and footer. Setup is the same for all 3 widgets.

The following icons are available. Next to the social network name is the icon code for setup.

IMPORTANT!!!  The code on the right is the code that needs to go in the "New Site Name" Field. If the code is not exactly as seen, the icon will not display correctly. This means it MUST BE all lowercase.

  • Facebook - facebook
  • Twitter - twitter
  • Instagram - instagram
  • Pinterest - pinterest
  • LinkedIn - linkedin
  • YouTube - youtube
  • Dribbble - dribbble
  • Flickr - flickr
  • Reddit - reddit
  • Tumblr - tumblr
  • Bloglovin - bloglovin
  • RSS - rss
  • Behance - behance
  • Google Plus - googleplus
  • Vimeo - vimeo
  • Soundcloud - soundcloud
  • Goodreads - goodreads
  • Deviant Art - deviantart
  • Foursquare - foursquare
  • Etsy - etsy
  • Shop - shop
  • Store - store
  • Snapchat - snapchat
  • VK - vk
  • Twitch - twitch
  • Spotify - spotify
  • Email - email


Locate Social Icon Widget

  1. On the Dashboard, go to the Layout page.
  2. Locate the Social Icon Widget you want to set up.
  3. The top bar icons are located in the SOCIAL-HEADER section. The widget is called "Social Header Icons".
  4. The sidebar icons are located in the SIDEBAR1 section. The widget is called "Follow Me".
  5. The footer icons are located in the SOCIAL-FOOTER section. The widget is called "Social Footer".


Setup Social Icon Widget

  1.  Click on the Edit link at the bottom right corner of the widget. The Link List Widget will open
  2. For the sidebar widget, you can give the widget a title in the Title box.
  3. In the New Site Name field, enter the social network code from above. Make sure you use all lowercase letters. i.e. facebook
  4. In the New Site URL field enter the URL (web address) for your social media profile. Example:
  5. The easiest way to get your social profile URL is to visit your profile page and copy and paste the link from the top of your web browser.
  6. Click the Add Link button to add your link.
  7. Keep adding your links.
  9. Snapchat -
  10. Email -
  11. When you're done adding your links, click the Save button to save your settings.

Rearrange & Edit Your Links

  1. Click on the up and down arrows to move the links in the list.
  2. Links appear from left to right in the same order they appear top to bottom in the widget list.
  3. To edit your link, click the Edit link next to the link.


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    How do we get the social media icons to open in a new tab? 

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