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Import Demo Content | Kiersten


NOTE: Demo content includes demo posts and pages. We only recommend uploading the demo content for new blogs/websites. Users with existing content should skip this step.

Important to note: To ensure all content is imported correctly, please be sure to have installed all of the required plugins that are noted at the top of your WP Dashboard when you first installed & activated the theme.

A theme's demo content XML file can be found in the theme package you downloaded from our shop. It will be in a folder titled "demo" or "demo content".

  • On your WordPress dashboard in the left-hand menu, select Tools > Import.
  • Select the "WordPress" option. If you haven't used the WP Importer before, you may need to first install it and activate it (it will give you this option on the spot if required).

  • Click the "Browse" button and find the theme's demo content XML file.

  • You will be given the option of choosing which "author" name will be assigned to the imported content. Otherwise, click "Submit" and you're set!
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