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Promo Boxes (Abigail)


The Abigail blog theme comes with a set of 6 custom styled Promo Boxes.

Promo Boxes are image boxes with a title overlay that can be linked to any post, page or web link you want.


The grid layout is fixed. You can use just box 1 and box 2 or you can use all 6. Using any other combination may look strange.

* This is a totally optional section of the template. If you choose not to add widgets in this section, nothing will show and you can always go back and add some Promo Boxes later.

NOTE: If you add an image to one of the Promo Box widgets, it will not allow you to remove the image without replacing it with another. If you add images then decide you don't want to use the Promo Boxes, you will need to unlock and remove the widgets. The widget IDs are: Image700, Image701, Image702, Image703, Image704, and Image705. See this tutorial on How to Unlock Widgets.

To restore the widgets, you can re-install the template. This will affect any changes made directly to the template code or in the Customizer (colors and fonts).


Recommended image sizes

The theme is designed to "intelligently" crop images to fit the space allowed. This limits stretching issues that make the images look bad. However, an image may crop in a way you do not prefer. The recommended image sizes are:

  • Promo 1 - 698px wide by 371px tall
  • Promo 2 - 462px wide by 371px tall
  • Promo 3 - 369px wide by 371px tall
  • Promo 4 - 559px wide by 371px tall
  • Promo 5 & Promo 6 - 213px wide by 175px tall

 Setting up the Promo Boxes

Watch the setup video or see the written directions below.

Step-by-Step Setup

  1. On the Blogger Dashboard, go to the Layout page.
  2. Find the Promo Boxes area.
  3. There is a grid of widgets in rows: Promo Boxes 1 and 2, Promo Boxes 3 and 4 and Promo Boxes 5 and 6.promo2.png
  4. In each widget area you will find already labeled Image boxes.
  5. To add an image to a Promo Box widget, click the Edit link on the correct widget.promo3.png
  6. The Configure Image popup will open.
  7. Add your:
    1. Title (optional)
    2. Caption (optional)
    3. Link (optional)promo4.png
  8. Click the Browse button to upload your image from your computer. promo5.png
  9. DO NOT check the Shrink to fit box. Leave unchecked.promo6.png
  10. Click the Save button to save your widget settings.promo7.png
  11. Repeat steps above for each Promo Box widget.
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