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Slider Setup (Jemma)

After installation of your template, your slider will not appear on your blog until you add the correct label to the posts you would like to display in the slider.

View the video for slider setup directions. Or see the Step-by-Step written directions below.

* The slider uses the first image in your post (this is the only option with Blogger) - set your first image to "Original" size for best results.


Step-by-Step Directions

STEP 1: Add Posts to Slider

To tag posts to be displayed:

  1. Go to the Posts page on the Blogger Dashboard.
  2. Select the post you wish to display in the slider and choose to edit it by left-clicking on the post title or the Edit link below when you hover over the title.
  3. The Edit Post window will open.
  4. On the right side of the window, under the Post settings column, left-click on the Labels box to edit the post’s labels.
  5. Add a new label to your post: Featured
  6. NOTE: Correct capitalization is very important for this setting. Using the label “featured” will not work.
  7. Click the orange Update button at the top right corner of the screen.
  8. Your screen will return to the All Posts page where you can select the next posts to edit and add the Featured label to.
  9. You must add the tag manually to any posts you would like displayed in the slider.


Image Size for Sliders

These are the recommended image sizes for the sliders for various templates. Images that are larger will be cropped automatically by the template to fit the slider container.

For your Featured Thumbnail, the first image in your post, make sure you set the size in the post editor to "Original", otherwise your images will be fuzzy.

Recommended size - 768px wide by 500px tall


Change the Slider Label

If you don’t want to use the “Featured” label as your label for posts to show in the slider or you need to translate it, you can easily change the label used by the slider.

  1. To get started, follow the instructions in the Translate Your Blogger Template tutorial.
  2. Search for: cat1 = 'Featured';
  3. You will find this piece of code:
  4. // Enter the posts labels here
    cat1 = 'Featured';
  5. Change the Featured part of the code to any label/text you want.
  6. Please note that capitalization is important. If you choose 'news' for your label then label your posts 'News', the slider will not recognize these posts. Also, make sure the '' stay intact otherwise your whole template will break.
  7. Click the orange Save Theme button at the top of the editor screen.

Hide the title & label overlay

Add the following code to the “Add CSS” window in the Theme Designer:

.slide-container {display: none;}



Maybe you want a classic layout without a slider. You can have that too!

  1. Go to the Layout page in the Blogger Dashboard.
  2. Find the Slider Area admin section and the Post Slider widget.
  3. Click on the Edit link on the right side of the slider widget box.
  4. The Configure HTML/JavaScript window will open. (The Content section is supposed to be blank).
  5. Click on the gray Remove button at the bottom of the window.slider2.png
  6. A confirmation box will pop up to confirm you want to delete this gadget. Click OK.
  7. The Slider will no longer appear on your homepage.
  8. You will also want to remove the Ad Widget. Click the Ad Widget Edit link and Remove.




Maybe you deleted the slider by accident or you didn’t want it at first then decide you do.

Whatever the case it is easy to add it back. You will need to re-upload the template.

Follow the instructions in the Upgrade Blogger Template to New Version tutorial as re-uploading the same template will have the same effects as uploading a new version of the template.

Once you re-upload the template the slider will appear as it should in the Layout page. Follow the setup instructions above to make the slider visible.


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