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About Social Media Icons (Jemma)


This template comes with several social media icon widgets. Widgets will depend on your specific template but locations may include: floating sidebar, header, sidebar and footer widgets.

Note: Icons will not display on your site until they are configured from the Layout page

This template includes 24 social media icon links:Behance, Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin, Dribbble, Flickr, Google plus, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Vimeo, Youtube, Vine, Soundcloud, Goodreads (as a book icon), Deviantart, Foursquare, Reddit, Tumblr, VK, Twitch, Spotify, Snapchat, Etsy PLUS e-mail, RSS, and a shop icon.

NOTE: To show the correct icon, the template looks at the URL. Example: to show a Twitter icon, the URL must include “” somewhere in the URL you paste into the field.

  • SNAPCHAT: Your Snapchat URL will look like this
  • SHOP ICON: The template will show the shopping cart shop icon for any URL with “shop” or "Store" (TPT) anywhere in the link.
  • EMAIL ICON: To show the email icon, add the following text to the beginning of your email address: mailto:  So, an example would be
  • RSS ICON: The RSS icon will appear for any URL entered with any of the following in the URL: feed/posts/default, feeds/comments/default and feeds/
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