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Facebook Like Widget (Savannah)


Step-by-Step Directions

1. In your original theme download folder, inside the Widgets folder, you will find a file called Facebook Widget.txt.


2. Open the file using a plain text editor program like Note Pad or Text EditDO NOT use a word processing program like Microsoft Word.fb2.png

3. On the Blogger Layout page, click the Add a Gadget link to add a new gadget. adelle12.png

4. Add an HTML/JavaScript widget.fb4.png

5. The Configure HTML/JavaScript box will open.

6. Give your widget a Title.

7. Copy and paste all the code from the Facebook Widget.txt file into the Content field.

8. In the code, look for the 2 (two) places where it says georgialoustudios. Replace this (2 times) with the ID for your Facebook page.


NOTE: You must have a Facebook PAGE, not a personal profile.

9. Click the orange Save button to save your widget.

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