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Setup Separate Blog Page (Piper + Page)


This tutorial will teach you how to create a "separate" blog page for your Piper + Paige blog.


Setup Blog Page

  1. Go to the Layout page on the Blogger Dashboard.
  2. Find the Menu widget area.
  3. Click on the Edit link for the Pages widget.blog1.png
  4. The Configure Page List window will open.
  5. Click the Add external link link.blog2.png
  6. The New Page window will appear.
  7. Give your link a Page Title. This is what will appear in the menu.
  8. In the Web address (URL) field, you are going to add a custom search URL that will show your most recent posts.blog3.png
  9. Copy and paste the following into the URL field:
  10. Replace with the link for your blog.
  11. The easiest way is to visit your blog main page and copy the link from your browser address bar and paste it into the field. (If you are using a custom domain, there will be no "" in your URL.
  12. You can change the max number of posts per page by changing the # 6.
  13. Click the Save Link button to save your new link.
  14. Arrange your link in the drag-and-drop section as designers.
  15. Click the Save button to save your settings.
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