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Change Excerpt Length (Marissa)


The Marissa Blogger template uses Auto post snippets/excerpts with automatic Read More links on the home & archive pages.

This tutorial covers how to change the default length of the snippets. It's super quick and easy so let's go!


  1. On the Blogger Dashboard, go to the Template page.
  2. Click on the gray Edit HTML button.
  3. Click anywhere in the code area.
  4. Press the [Control + F] or [Command + F] keys to open the Search box in the upper right corner of the code window.
  5. Search for: 550
  6. Press Enter key to search.
  7. It will be the only term found in a string of code that looks like this:
    if (j > 250) $(this).text(txt.substr(0, 550).replace(/[?,!\.-:;]*$/,
  8. 550 is the string to replace. This script limits the snippet to 550 characters. This applies to any post of over 250 characters. You can also change the "250" to make this affect different posts.
  9. Change this number to suit your taste. 
  10. For shorter posts there is another line to adjust 6 lines below the 55 line:
    if (j > 50) $(this).text(txt.substr(0, 80).replace(/[?,!\.-:;]*$/,
  11. Edit the 80 to change the snipped length. Change the 50 to change the posts this script affects.
  12. Click the Save template button when done.

NOTE: The really isn't any way to remove the snippets and home page formatting on this template but you can increase the length of your snippet. Just be aware the snippet will appear as one single paragraph without any formatting.

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