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Instagram Footer Widget (Savannah)


*To display square images in the widget, upload square images to Instagram. (Instagram has stopped serving square cropped images via their API.) 


1. In your original theme download folder, you will find a file called Instagram Footer Widget.txt.anaise1.jpganaise3.jpg

2. Open the file using a plain text editor program like Note Pad or Text EditDO NOT use a word processing program like Microsoft Word.

Find the line of code that says: get:"@instagram",

Change the @ handle to your Instagram @ handle. Example: get:"@georgialoustudios",


3. On the Blogger Layout page, find the Footer and Instagram Social widget area click the Add a Gadget link to add a new gadget. if3.png

4. Add an HTML/JavaScript widget.fb4.png

5. The Configure HTML/JavaScript box will open.

6. Give your widget a Title.

7. Copy and paste all the code from the Instagram Widget.txt file into the Content field.Screen_Shot_2020-03-07_at_10.02.42_AM.jpg

8. Click the Save button to save your widget.



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