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Instagram Footer Widget (Marissa)

  1. The Instagram Footer widget will be automatically installed when you upload the template.
  2. On the Blogger Dashboard, go to the Layout page.
  3. Locate the INSTAGRAM-WIDGET section.
  4. Click on the Edit link to open the widget settings.
  5. In the Title area, enter your widget title.
  6. Copy and paste the code below into the widget content area. Replace the User Id and Token with your own info:
    userId: User_ID,
    accessToken: 'User_Token',
  7. NOTE: Make sure you copy and paste correctly. leave the single quotes intact on the accessToken line. DO NOT replace with double quotes and make sure there is a single quote before and after the User_Token without any extra spaces.LClick the Save button to save your widget settings.


Get your Instagram User ID and Token

  • Go to This Website and click on Generate Access Token button. 
  • Sign in to Instagram as normal, and give the site the access to generate your Access Token, (Don't worry is a safe method!).
  • The code generated will look something like this: '1720536514.1677ed0.7de82de9a39e4d898da1d9891b3810c1'
  • Your USER ID is the first set of numbers before the first period (.). i.e. 1720536514
  • Paste this number into the User_ID spot in the code above
  • Paste the ENTIRE code including the User ID into the User_Token space in the code above. Keep the quotes intact.

To Hide the Instagram Footer

  1. Open the "Display Instagram Footer" widget in the Layout page.
  2. Enter any text into the Content box. (Example, No, Hide - doesn't matter what you add)
  3. Click the Save button.
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