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Promo Box Setup (Marissa)


This template comes with widget areas to add 3 Promo Boxes, images linked to a page or site of your choice. These boxes will be displayed below the Slider and Above the Trending Posts widget.

Recommended image size: Use images that are all the same size to ensure best appearance. Optimum image size is 500px tall by 740px wide.



  1. On the Blogger Dashboard, go to the Layout page.
  2. Find the Promo Boxes section. You will see 3 Promo Box areas labeled PROMO-COL1, PROMO-COL2 and PROMO-COL3.
  3. To setup the first box, click on the Add a Gadget link in the first promo area.
  4. From the list of widgets, add an Image widget by clicking the + (plus) icon next to the widget. The Image widget settings box will open.
  5. Title: You can give your Promo Box a title but this will not be displayed.
  6. Caption: This is the text that will display in the overlay. This is optional.
  7. Link: The link you want the Promo Box to link to. Easiest way to add is to visit the page or post in your browser. Copy and paste the page link from your browser address bar.
  8. Image: Add your image by clicking on the Browse button and adding the image from your computer or add from a URL.
  9. When done, click the Save button to save your settings.
  10. Complete steps above for all 3 Promo Box areas.
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