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Mobile Menu Setup (Marissa)


The Marissa template uses a separate menu on the mobile display. This means you may choose a different menu order or items for your mobile menu vs. desktop menu.


Setup Mobile Menu


1. On the Blogger Dashboard, go to the Layout page

2. Scroll down past the blue Theme Options section to find the Mobile Header > Mobile Navigationsection.

3. Click the Edit link in the bottom right corner of the Mobile Navigation box.

4. To add your first menu link, enter the menu link text into the New Site Name field. This is what will display on the menu.

5. To add the page your link will link to, copy and paste the web link for your page in the New Site URLbox.

* The easiest way to do this is to visit the page in your browser. Copy the web address from your browser menu bar.

NOTE: Paste it into the New Site URL field. Pages and posts must be in Published status before they are assigned a web address.

6. Click the Add link button to add the link to your list. 

7. Repeat for each new link to be added to the menu.

8. Click the orange Save button when done.

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