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Home Page Setup Overview (Piper + Page)


The Piper + Paige Blogger template features a unique "faux" static home page with 8 (optional) sections plus a grid of recent blog posts.

The layouts in these 8 sections are created using widgets.

*When you install your new Piper + Paige template your home page will be blank except for the:

  • menu
  • section titles
  • blog posts grid
  • contact form

How to Setup the Home Page

The following tutorials will walk you through setting up each section of the custom home page from top to bottom. (Click on links to go straight to tutorials).

NOTE: All sections are optional except the From the Blog section. See end of article for a diagram of all the sections.

  1. Hero Header Setup
  2. Promo Box Setup
  3. CTA Box Setup
  4. Testimonial 1 Setup
  5. Events Setup
  6. Testimonial 2 Setup
  7. About Section Setup
  8. From the Blog Setup
  9. Contact Section Setup

To Remove a Section:

  1. Find the section on the Layout page of the Blogger Dashboard.
  2. Remove all widgets by clicking on the Edit > Remove buttons for each widget.home1.png
  3. Go to the Themes page on the Blogger Dashboard.
  4. Click on the Customize button.home2.png
  5. Click on the Advanced link to open the theme options.home3.png
  6. Scroll down the list of options until you find the Homepage Section Padding and Homepage Mobile Section Padding sections.
  7. Find the section you are removing. Set the section padding in both sections to 0 (zero) using the slider or by entering the # into the field.home4.png
  8. You can use the horizontal scrollbar to see all the settings.
  9. Click the Apply to Blog button to save changes.

 Sample Home Page Layout


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