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Promo Box Setup (Piper + Page)


The "Promo Boxes" are 3 images located below the hero area that can be linked to any page, post or outside web link. 

* The Promo Box widgets and CTA widgets can be swapped between the "Promo Boxes or CTA Boxes" and the "CTA Boxes or Promo Boxes' widget areas. Just drag-and-drop widgets and hit "Save Arrangement" button.


Setup Promo Boxes

  1. Go to the Layout page on the Blogger Dashboard.
  2. Find the Promo Boxes or CTA Boxes widget area.
  3. You will see 3 Image widgets named: Promo Box #1, Promo Box #2 and Promo Box #3.promo1.png
  4. Click the Edit link on the first Promo Box widget.
  5. The Configure Image box will open.
  6. promo2.png
  7. Title - Overlay title (optional)
  8. Caption - Overlay caption/subheader (optional)
  9. Link - image link (URL)
  10. Image - upload your image here. Size is flexible. See below for directions on how to change the Promo Box size.
  11. Click the Save button when done.

Change Promo Box Size

  1. Go to the Theme page on the Blogger Dashboard.
  2. Click on the Customize button.promo3.png
  3. The Template Designer screen will open.
  4. Click on the Advanced link.
  5. Scroll down until you find the Promo Boxes section.
  6. On the options panel, adjust the Image Height slider to an image height that suits your preferences.promo4.png
  7. Click the Apply to blog button when done.
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