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Pinterest Feed (Marissa)

  1. On the Blogger Dashboard, go to the Layout page.
  2. In the SIDEBAR-1 section, click on the Add a Gadget link.
  3. Create an HTML/JavaScript gadget.
  4. Give your widget a Title.
  5. Copy and pasted your Pinterest widget code into the widget content area.
  6. Click the Save button to save your widget settings.

How to get your Pinterest Widget code

  • Go to the Pinterest Widget Builder Page
  • Choose to create a pin, board or profile widget
  • Enter your pin, board or profile URL (address)
  • Choose the shape of your widget. For sidebar widgets, select Create your own option
  • For image width enter: 135
  • For Board height enter: 500
  • For Board width enter: 330
  • Copy and paste the code from the TOP code box. (The second line of code is already in place in the template.
  • Paste the code into the HTML/JavaScript widget you created above.
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