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Recent Posts Gadget (Old)(Ashleigh)

This template includes a custom Recent Posts Gadget.
  1. In the Layout configuration page, choose the sidebar where you would like to install the gadget and click on the Add a gadget link.
  2. Select the HTML/JavaScript gadget by clicking on the “+” icon to the right.
  3. A new Configure HTML/JavaScript window will open.
  4. Enter a title for your gadget in the Title box.
  5. Open the recent_posts_gadget.txt file included with the template file that you downloaded.
  6. Copy and paste all the contents of the recent posts file into the Content section of the configure window.
  7. Click the orange Save button.

Configure Recent Posts gadget settings

You can configure several settings for the Recent Posts gadget. Settings are changed directly in the code of the recent_posts_gadget.txt file.

The following options can be changes:

  • Number of posts: Find the “var numposts = 3;” code; change the number to your desired number of posts to show.
  • Show thumbnails: Find the “var showpostthumbnails = true;” code; to hide the post pictures, change true to false.
  • Display “More” link: Find the “var displaymore = false;” code; to display the “More” link, change false to true.
  • Show comments number/link to comment form: Find the “var showcommentnum = false;” code; to display the comments link, change false to true.
  • Show the post date: Find the “var showpostdate = false;” code; to display the post date, change false to true.
  • Show post summary: Find the “var showpostsummary = true;” code; to hide the post summary/excerpt, change true to false.
  • Post summary length: Find the “var numchars = 50;” code; to change the length of the post summary, change the 50 to any number of your choosing. This is the number of letters/spaces in the post summary.

Customize these options to your taste then cut and paste the code into the HTML/JavaScript gadget and Save.

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