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Footer Widget Setup (Jolie)


Our Blogger templates include 1 or 4 footer gadget/widget areas, depending on the specific design:

  1. Full-width footer sidebar (all templates)
  2. 3 column footer sidebar area (certain templates like Sophie currently)

What gadgets can I put in the footer?

Any of the included gadgets and most third-party gadgets will work well in the footer widget areas.

Add new gadgets according to the instructions in the previous tutorial, Sidebar Gadgets Setupexcept you will click the Add a gadget link in the appropriate footer sidebar area.

The 3 column footer area comes with a Social Media Icons widget automatically installed. You will need to configure according to the instructions in the Social Media Widgets tutorial.

Can I move the footer gadgets?

Yes. You can move the automatically installed Social Media Icons gadget to one of the other gadget areas including the full-width footer area.

  1. You can arrange your gadgets in the Layout configuration page by hovering over the gadget box until you see the four-way arrow cursor.
  2. Then you can right click and hold to drag and drop it into your desired location.
  3. Make sure you click the Save Arrangement button when you are done rearranging your gadgets to save your new settings.


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