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Instagram SidebarWidget (Old)(Kiersten)


NOTE: Because of recent changes made by Instagram, Lightwidget now requires you to authorize your widget by logging in to your Instagram account. Make sure you click the big red-orange Login button and log in to Instagram before you create your widget.

NOTE 2: You do not need the Upgrade version of the widget. The free version updates once per 24 hours and works just fine. Just ignore the upgrade notice.

  1. Go to
  2. Fill in the form as shown below. 
  3. These settings will create a widget with a 2 x 3 picture grid that fits perfectly in the sidebar of this template. You can also choose different grid settings or a scrolling theme.  Light Widget produces flexible, responsive widgets.
  4. Click on the Get Code button and copy the code from the section below.
  5. Back on the Blogger Layout configuration page, you should see an Instagram Feed widget already present in the sidebar. 
  6. If not, add a new widget to your sidebar with the Add a Gadget link. 
  7. Add an HTML/JavaScript gadget by clicking on the +sign next to that option. 
  8. The Configure HTML/Javascript box will open.
  9. Enter your gadget title into the Title field.
  10. Paste the Light Widget code into the Content box.
  11. Click the Save button to save your new gadget settings.
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