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Blog Post Settings (Heyden)


Step-by-Step Directions

1. In the Layout Configuration page, click on the Edit link at the bottom right-hand corner of the Blog box.posts1.png

2. The Configure Blog Posts box will open.

Set Your Post Page Options

The following Post Page Options are relevant to this template:

  1. Date format – select your desired date format from the drop down menu. You can also uncheck this option to hide the post date.
  2. Posted by – To show the author’s name in the post meta data, leave this box checked. Uncheck to hide. You can change the “Posted by” text to anything you desire.
  3. Post time – Show or hide posted time. Change the “at” text to your desired text. Select your desired time format from the drop down menu.
  4. Comments – Show or hide the number of comments and comments link in post footer. You can change the “comments” text to your desired verbiage.
  5. Links to this post – Show or hide links to post. Change “links to this post” text as desired.
  6. Labels – It is not possible to hide the post labels on this template.
  7. Show Share Buttons – Show or hide the post sharing buttons.
  8. Show Author Profile Below Posts – Show or hide author profile box below posts. This profile is set by your Blogger Profile settings.

Click the Save button to save your new Blog Post settings.

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