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Promo Box Setup (Phoebe)


This tutorial applies to the following templates only: Kiersten, Heyden, Phoebe & Ashleigh

What are the promo boxes? They are the row of 3 image boxes below the slider in your Blogger template that can be used to link to any page, post or category you want.

This is a totally optional section of the template. If you choose not to add widgets in this section, nothing will show and you can always go back and add some Promo Boxes later.


An Important Note about Image Sizes

The size image for the Promo Boxes is entirely flexible. For best appearance, use images that are the same size/ratio. A good image size is 3:2 ratio or 600px wide by 400px tall. Make sure all image are the same size for best appearance.

View the video setup instructions or see the Step-by-Step written directions below.

Step-by-Step Directions

  1. On your Blogger Dashboard, navigate to the Layout page.
  2. Scroll down until you see the green Promo Boxes sections (just below the green Slider section). You will see 3 columns all labeled Promo Boxes. You will need to add an Image gadget to each column.
  3. To add an Image Gadget, click on the Add a gadget link at the top of the Promo Boxes column.
  4. The Add a Gadget window will open. 
  5. Scroll down until you find the Image gadget.
  6. Click the blue + icon next to the gadget to add it to the Promo Boxes section.
  7. The Configure Image window will open.
  8. You be required to enter a gadget Title but it will not be shown on the gadget.
  9. The Caption is the text that will show in the box that overlays the image in the Promo box. Enter your text to be shown here.
  10. The Link field is the URL (web page address) you want the image to link to. This can be any Web link from your site or any other site on the web (like an Etsy shop or other even). Enter your URL in this field.
  11. Next, add your background Image. You may add an image from your computer using the Browsebutton or from a URL from a service like Flickr or other image storage site.
  12. Note: Do NOT click the “Shrink to fit” option. The template code automatically takes care of this. If you do, this will mess up the mobile layout settings.
  13. When you are done, click the orange Save button to save your changes.
  14. Repeat this step for the other 2 Promo Boxes columns.
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